A New Venture!

Hello!  Is there anyone still out there reading this!?  I’ve missed you my blog friends!

I know it has been a VERY long time since I blogged here, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve started something new and I think even a little better than Dinner Daydreams.  Over the past few years Mehmet and I have learned a great deal of website development, marketing and user experience.  We’ve combined our knowledge to start a new food blog that we built together.  Please come visit us at http://www.turkswhoeat.com!

This new site is a mix of recipes we create and make at home, such as our Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies,  Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Acai Smoothie Bowl.  As well as sharing some of our favorite food adventures, like our Nashville Eats Round Up.

We hope you’ll check it out!  Please feel free to also follow us by email, Instagram or Facebook!

Blog Tour!

Hello!! I’d like to apologize to all of you for my brief blogging hiatus (that may continue for another week or so after this post)! I had to do some traveling for work, and we’re moving this weekend so my apartment is in all sorts of pre-moving disarray. When we’re all set up in our new place and I can find my pans and dishes again I promise there will be plenty of great posts coming your way.

In the meantime, I’d like to say a much overdue thank you to my friend Anita at Kitchen Getaway for featuring me in her blog tour. Anita is always posting mouthwatering recipes, and she even raises her own chickens!! I’m super impressed with her and honored that she chose to include me in her tour. I’m finally catching up and posting my blog tour. I’m also incredibly excited to be joining the party at Fiesta Friday again today – I’ve certainly missed this group!

What am I working on? Well, packing and preparing to move has consumed most of time lately but I have a goal to master macaroons, or at least make some that are pretty enough to photograph. After seeing them pop up all over the place lately I made a batch, and they were good, but not quite right. So I’ll definitely be making a second attempt at those soon.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? This is a tough one. I tend not to focus on being different but on sharing what speaks to me and what I enjoy. I haven’t met much food that I don’t like, and I’m willing to try to re-create just about anything (with varying degrees of success). I’m kind of an eclectic mix of traditional family recipes and figuring out how to work new ingredients I discover into things I’m already familiar with.

How does my writing process work? Well I keep a running list of recipes I want to try or create and then write about, but I find that most of what I end up posting is more of just our day to day food. If I make something for dinner and it turns out especially good, I’ll probably make it again the next night so I take pictures of it!

My Featured Blogs
As part of passing on the blog tour traditions I’ve selected three blogs to feature that I highly encourage you to check out!

Mezze and Dolce
The first time I stumbled upon this blog I couldn’t stop going through the recipes. The name says it all, Mezze (savory) and Dolce (sweet) always make a great combination! They’re always posting very intriguing recipes, take theseZa’atar Buttermilk Biscuits for instance. Or, if you’re looking for something sweet, these Rose-Scented Almond Cookies are beautiful and special.

Bourbon and Brown Sugar
MB is always pushing the limits with her creative concoctions. I’m constantly impressed with her vast food knowledge and compelling story telling. Her Tiny Alfajores are a perfect example of this. She always has a great story to go along with her recipes and can make anything from empanadas to beef bourguignon!

I’ll Cook You Wash
What first caught my eye about Indira’s blog was her title – sounds like the plan in my house! I’m always happy to make dinner, but not so keen on cleaning up after. She can also make a dessert out of avocados – yes avocados! Check out her Avocado cream pie and tell me you’re not impressed!

The Real Delights of Turkey

20130821-215626.jpg This post is waaaay overdue, it’s now been a few months since my husband and I returned from Turkey, but I still find myself wanting to greet people with a “Merhaba” and a double kiss.  And, of course, I’m still day dreaming about the food.  The culinary delights started from the meal on the plane (supper impressed by Turkish Airlines) and didn’t let up until we were back home.  I can hardly pick a list of favorites, but here’s my best try:

This is one of the most unique candy’s I’ve ever tried. When my father in law first described it as cotton candy I thought eh I’ll give it a try. To my delight this is NOTHING like the artificially colored balls of sugar kids beg for at state fairs. Pismaniye is a soft melt in your mouth bundle of sugar and pistachio that I couldn’t get enough of. Warning: it does stick to you fingers and clothes just as badly as our American cotton candy!

Pastries Galore I’ve always thought of the French as the masters of pastry but I have now been convinced that Turkey has a hand on the competition. My husband has always told me I need to try Turkish pastries because I will love them and he was absolutely right. First of all, the assortment in the stores was amazing. Everything from homemade ice cream, cookies, eclairs to cakes that could double as art work. It quickly became clear I would not be walking out of the bakery with just a cookie for the road. About twelve eclairs, twenty cookies and an entire cake later we decided we had enough loot to bring home.

Street Food photo
An unexpected culinary find was Turkey’s street food culture. Most of this food was some version of bread which made is extra appealing to my carb-loving self. I was super happy to discover treats such as simit, which I can only the Turkish version of a sesame seed bagel, and the late night kokorec, a kind of lamb sandwich which was perfectly satisfying after a very late night.

Of course, the real delight of this trip was the people. I was blessed to meet and get to know the rest of my Turkish family and I couldn’t feel luckier to have such become part of such a great group of people. The amount of love and belonging I felt was truly special and won’t ever be forgotten.